A Form of Adult Catechesis

Using faith sharing to allow catechesis to flow from the Sunday Assembly
into the rest of the week…

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C. Repeat the Question of the Week in the bulletin - or in a bulletin insert. Also repeat it in school bulletins, meeting agendas, and other communication tools in the parish.

  • Ask each group that meets to share about this question as the opening prayer of their meeting.

  • Provide the one-page Faith Sharing Guide provided here to help folks in the parish lead prayer using this formula.

  • Follow this four-step prayer formula:

  • Invite everyone to pause and prepare for prayer.

  • Re-read part or all of the Sunday Gospel.

  • Allow about 15 minutes at the beginning of each meeting for faith sharing based on the Question of the Week. For larger groups, ask the members to split into small groups for the sharing to keep it within 15 minutes.

  • Close this with brief prayer.

  • Suspend the use of all other prayers before meetings.

  • Invite members of parish households to share in this same way - it’s naturally ecumenical, inclusive, and catechetical!

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