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We believe that the process of Sustaining the Spirit—in responding to our callings, commitments, and vocational challenges—is not something done alone. It requires a partner.

The partner or partners you need for Sustaining the Spirit for one moment might not be the same person or group that journeys with you through the next moment. The person that helps you Sustain the Spirit through one challenge may not be the same one helping you during the next challenge.

Sometimes we are blessed with partners we get along with completely, other times our partner may seem more difficult. This is all part of the mystery of vocational spirituality, and reflects the importance of staying open to all of God’s gifts to us.

At its core, Sustaining the Spirit is about compatibility. Parker Palmer describes it as the ongoing process of aligning the role with the soul. The process invites us to take stock of the way the longings of our soul relate to the demands of our three callings.

In both “venturing and abiding,” looking out and looking in, we can seen when and how the role we play in answering the Call of Faith, the Call of Relationships, or the Call of Work is not matching up with our deepest values and the core of our spirituality.

Sometimes we are given the wisdom and grace to see how to adjust a role so that it better aligns with our soul, and sometimes we are given the wisdom and grace to see that the problem doesn’t lie in the role at all. Instead, the issue may lie in the way we are (or are not) taking care of the soul.

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