Sustaining the Spirit is an ongoing and intentional process of:

  • Re-membering the callings of your life

  • Re-assessing the spiritual dimensions of your commitments

  • Re-viewing the challenges putting your vocational life at risk, and

  • Re-imagining proactive ways of adapting to those challenges

Author and researcher Sharon Parks describes the process as a journey consisting of both “venturing and abiding”. Vocational renewal invites you to go out on the path of your callings to places and moments that test you. Renewal invites you to test the waters, navigate the weather, climb the mountains, endure the deserts, and partake in the goodness of the Lord. While vocational renewal calls you to go out, it also it also requires a deliberate staying in a certain vocational place long enough to understand it. We are called to stay home long enough to recover, tell stories, make notes, and replenish our strength.

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