Retreat days are designed for those who have answered the Call of Work as teachers, catechists, youth ministers, principals, directors of religious education, pastoral staffs, and diocesan leaders.

The day does not focus on any aspect of improving teaching techniques or program effectiveness. The entire focus of the retreat day centers on renewal by leading participants through three topics:

  • Your experience and understanding of vocation

  • The characteristics of those who sustain lives of commitment

  • Adapting to the challenges which are putting your vocational life at risk

Through the use of stories, reflections, discussion, music, videos, research, and real life examples, participants are given opportunities to look at their past, critically examine their present experiences, and privately project ways of Sustaining the Spirit for the work of their lives in the future.

The one-day retreat format can be abbreviated into a morning or evening format, or expanded to accommodate a planned overnight retreat.