Callings--Most of us get bogged down thinking that vocational calls are related to our occupations. But this is not the case. It is helpful to understand that three vocational callings are found in our lives... (more)

Leadership Strategies--The environment that surrounds people can help them adapt to the challenges that put their callings, commitments, or vocational lives at risk... (more)

Reflection for All--In describing the spiritual nature of vocations, J. Loder writes:

"Essential to the spirit’s nature is it’s wind-like quality; it often takes us by surprise and leads us where we would not otherwise go..." (more)

Reflection for Teachers--"We become teachers for reasons of the heart. But many of us lose heart as time goes by. How can we take heart, alone and together, So we can give heart to our students and the world--Which is what good teachers do."... (more)